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JOHN SURTEES 1934-2017

 A Peerless Racer

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The term GOAT - Greatest of all Time - is bandied around rather a lot these days. I have always found it a rather unsatisfying phrase, as the radical changes in every aspect of motorcycle racing make it impossible to compare the achievements of the riders who raced in very different eras. How do you compare riders who won on 15 kilometer tree-lined street circuits to riders who spent all their time racing on the ultrasafe short circuits, replete with run off and air fence? How do you compare victory on a 500cc single cylinder Norton or a four-cylinder MV Agusta or Gilera housed in a frame that was little more than some steel tubing connecting the wheels via rudimentary suspension, to the screaming two strokes of the late nineties, or the fire-breathing 990cc four strokes barely tamed by electronics, or the ultra-finicky and precise 800cc four strokes which required a deep understanding of extracting potential for electronic management?

How do you compare the ability to manage the rock-hard rubber of grooved cross-ply tires to the pursuit of 64° lean angles on fat modern radials made of exotic blends of silicon and rubber? It is impossible, yet there are some names whose achievements are so profound that they rise above the rest, regardless of circumstances, and set themselves apart in the annals of history. If they use of the phrase GOAT is questionable, there are some riders who are obviously among the most significant of all time. They made the biggest impact. John Surtees, who died to day aged 83, was just such a rider. Others, with a greater grasp of racing history, can do his legacy much greater justice than I can - if you read just one obituary of Surtees, then make it this dual profile of the man on Motor Sport Magazine, by Mat Oxley and top F1 journalist Mark Hughes.

The fact that it is a dual profile is what marks Surtees out for greatness. Not only was Surtees a multiple world champion on two wheels, winning seven titles in the six seasons he raced in Grand Prix, he also became the only person ever to add a Formula One title to his Grand Prix motorcycling crowns. The reason for the switch to four wheels lies enclosed in the astonishing statistics Surtees posted as a motorcycle racer. Through six full seasons and a single race in 1952, Surtees started 49 races. He won 38 of those races, an astonishing rate of 78%. He finished on the podium in further seven races, putting his podium rate at 92%. Of every ten races Surtees entered, he would win eight and finish on the podium in the ninth. Yet he was only competing at six or seven Grand Prix events every year, and races sanctioned by his employer at MV Agusta, Count Domenico Agusta. Though Surtees was a factory rider, this was still the late 1950s, and riders were not growing wealthy on their factory salaries.

To make a good living, riders needed the extra income from start money offered at the many individual and national races held around Europe. The Count banned Surtees from competing in other motorcycle races, so Surtees jumped into cars. He proved as quick on four wheels as he had been on two, and he was soon being offered factory seats in Formula One cars. Surtees had an immediate feel for speed. The son of a motorcycle dealer, he started in the chair of his father's sidecar, winning the first professional race he entered with his father, before being disqualified for being underage. When he switched to riding on his own, he gave the legendary Geoff Duke a run for his money at an ACU race, at the age of 17. He clinched his first premier class title at just 22 years of age, the fifth youngest rider to do so, behind Marc Marquez, Freddie Spencer, Casey Stoner, and Mike Hailwood.

He was just as quick when he jumped in a car. His first outing in a race car was at Goodwood, and he lapped there faster than F1 legend Stirling Moss ever managed in the same car. Once he started racing, he was immediately battling with legends such as Moss, Jim Clark, and Ken Tyrrell. In 1964, he added an F1 title to his 500cc and 350cc titles. As on two wheels, with an iconic Italian marque, Ferrari. Yet it is still a tragedy to lose one of the true legends of motor sport. There is a certain cruel irony that Surtees should die on the same day as Barry Sheene, who succumbed to cancer on 10th May 2003, fourteen years ago. But Surtees will live on in the memory of race fans, and the annals of racing history, forever.


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Roy Hanks has today annouced his retirement from racing after a career of over 50 (yes fifty) years. A career in which he had a record number of FIFTY FOUR Sidecar TT finishes and One win in the Sidecar TT Race 1 in 1997. Not just a racer, following in the family tradition started by his father Fred' Roy was also one of the driving forces behind The TT Riders Association, of which he has been Chairman for many years. Roy's wife Rose and daughter Julia ( Hanks-Elliott ) were two of his many passengers.

Honda Racing's John McGuinness will remain with the Preston-based Jackson Racing team for 2017 to ride Supersport machinery. McGuinness will ride a Honda CBR6000RR at the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT, alongside Northern Irishman Lee Johnston in the Jackson family run team. 23-time TT winner McGuinness, who is entering his third season with the team, finished fifth in the class at the TT last year, setting his fastest lap since 2013 of 126.329mph.

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DORNA wants to bring back electric motorcycle racing MotoGP stars on Electric Bikes by 2019

The electric motorcycle racing scene has been dead for a few years (except for the Isle of Man’s TT Zero), but Dorna wants to change that. Dorna, the owner of MotoGP and World Superbike, says it’s planning to start a new five-round battery bike series, run as a support series for the MotoGP championship. Fourteen MotoGP riders and four Moto2 riders would make up the grid; the races would be 10-lap events.

(Ed.) Hmm! It is an interesting 'concept' but can we really see Marc Marquez, Cal Crutchlow, Maverick Vinales, Andrea Iannone and their like being 'allowed' by their teams/manufacturers to race in a one make series ...no matter how much they're pressurised by MotoGP bosses Dorna. This doesn't seem to have been reported anywhere else in the UK so perhaps the silly season has started earlier than usual.

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