In building this site, with all it's Photo Galleries, I have displayed many quality images. There are also images that  wouldn’t normally be included but to give everyone a clear idea of what this site is about  they help fill the Galleries until 2017 season images replace them.

All the images in the galleries and throughout the website are in 'Jpeg' format and most of the Gallery images and are unedited, apart from 'cropping'. Unless otherwise requested at the time of order digital images will be supplied fully corrected and FULL FRAME. Un-cropped photos allow  the option of 'cropping' to personal requirements.  The "Split Comparison",  bottom left of this page, with 'Before & After'  images, gives a clear idea of just how 'enhancements' and editing can  improve an image and bring it to life..  This will not apply to prints these will be printed by agreement.

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Isle of Man TT Races 2016


Race 1     'RST'Superbike TT

Race 2     'SURE' Sidecar TT  (A)


Race 3     'RL360' Superstock TT

Race 4     'MONSTER ENERGY' Supersport TT (A)


Race 5     'MONSTER ENERGY' Supersport TT (B)

Race 6    'BENNETTS' Lightweight TT

Race 7     'SES' TT Zero Challenge


Race 8     'SURE' Sidecar TT  (B)

Race 9     'POKERSTARS'  Senior TT


Southern 100 2016  Championship Day


All Races Thursday Race Day Only


Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix 2016


Race 1     Senior Classic TT (500cc)

Race 2    Lightweight Classic TT (250cc)


Race 3     Junior Classic TT (350cc)

Race 4     Superbike Classic TT  (750cc)


                  Manx Grand Prix Mixed Classes

This "image comparison" shows what can be done to 'rescue' an image. On the left, 'The Before' apart from being under exposed due to the lighting conditions there is a degree of colour 'shift' and  a lack of detail in the shadows. In the 'After' on the right you can see perfect skin tone in the face, brighter background, better colour saturation and more shadow detail. Notice that the highlights have hardly changed.


Franki' Chilli just one of the  racing legends at Jurby

Festival on John Wheatman's

ex' Kevin Schwantz  Suzuki


Alex George  2017 President of the Isle of Man TT Riders Association reminicing with

TT Legend Brian Reid


Freddie Spencer  'Starred'' at

Jurby Festival 2016 riding

Rich Grantham's  beautiful

NSR 500 '3' Honda

Glen English  was in the Glencrutchy Rd.  paddock as he was riding an MV Agusta in the Classic TT; but Glen was also displayed one of the 'MV' models he creates....


These master pieces and many others he produces, are made using only traditional skills, tools and techniques. Each individual part is hand-crafted, moulded, cast, painted, polished and assembled by hand.


Glen creates many detailed scale models and other pieces of art, using  skilled modelling techniques & craftsmanship rarely seen today.


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