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Norton motorcycles first appeared on the scene 1898 in Birmingham, that great home of industry, innovation and manufacturing. Since then they have been firmly established at the heart of British motorcycling and have taken their place as one of the most popular British motorcycles of all time.

Norton is world famous for its iconic classic motorcycles like the famous Commando, Dominator and a wide range of contemporary and luxury motorcycles such as the 200 bhp 1200cc V4 super-bikes. However this long lived and historic firm got into dire straits earlier this year and went into administration with huge unpaid tax bills and alleged issues over misuse of pension funds. Gradually information about financial mismanagement and irregularities have been coming out and investigations into the way it was being run are under way. All seemed lost and the future for Norton was looking bleak, when TVS Motors, an Indian firm, came up with a 16 million pound deal to buy Norton out and take over.

Well now there's a nice bit of good news in the middle of the pandemic gloom - it would seem that already, in a matter of months, TVS are turning things round and are steering Norton towards the open road after the rocky mountain passes it's been travelling down during the last few years. TVS has revealed plans to expand production of high end classic Norton motorcycles in the UK.  The obvious consequence of this positive and forward looking plan is that Norton are now hiring! Engineers and mangers are being sought by the firm, to get production under way and those Norton motorcycles rolling off the production line once more. Check their website for vacancies if you are interested.

TVS initially plans to honour the outstanding unfulfilled orders left from the disastrous Garner regime and then go full steam ahead with a new head office and an upgrade of the Donington Park production line. Everything is looking good so far and hopefully Norton is in the process of rising Phoenix-like from the ashes and this great marque will live to fight another day thanks to TVS. So wishing them the best of luck as they generate jobs and take Norton forward in these uncertain times.

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